Web Hosting: 

Q: How do I access and control my web hosting?

A: We provide cPanel access to all web hosting customers. This advanced interface allows you to upload/download/copy/edit files, create and administer email and MySQL accounts, as well as quickly install modules and add-ons. 

Q: Can I buy a new domain name here?

A: Unfortunately, no. We no longer provide that service. When purchasing your domain name through your registrar, just change the nameservers they set to ours.



Game Hosting: 

Q: How can you offer so many player slots without killing the server??

A: We are using a virtualization and load-balancing method that allows us to spread the workload across all available CPU cores. This way, game servers that only use one core can co-exist in greater numbers, without overwhelming the host server.  Each host server is a high-end dedicated box with anywhere from 12 to 32 cores and 32GB-128GB of memory. On top of this, we restrict the number of customers on each server (no more than 10 each!).


Q: Can I get webhosting or a MySQL database?

A: Yes! We now offer FREE cPanel webhosting with up to 5 MySQL databases.  Make sure to choose the applicable 'bundle' from the ordering page.


Q: How do I upload my scripts and control my server?

A: We use a professional game control panel from TCAdmin, which gives you total control over your server. Upload, configure, monitor, troubleshoot...you'll be surprised at what you can do!


Q: Can I upload my own plugins?

A: Yes. We no longer block the uploading of .dll based plugin files.  Keep in mind: ANY customers using plugins that cause problems w/ other customers will be told to cease immediately. Anyone who continues to use the plugins (after being warned), will be permanently removed from the system.  Once removed for abuse, customers are never able to conduct business with us again.


Q: What types of servers do you use? Do you have DDoS protection?

A: We use high-end dedicated servers running both Windows and Linux. Our systems in France are provided by OVH and are fully DDoS protected.


Q: Do you offer solid-state hard drives (SSDs)?

A: We currently don't focus on any games that would benefit from using an SSD.  San Andreas Multiplayer does not require a lot of disk I/O at all, and most scripts use MySQL for record-keeping now, so game server disk access times are moot in regards to SA-MP.  Since there would be no benefit to offering SSDs, we keep our costs down by now offering SSDs (until we need to).


Q: I really don't need unlimited slots. Can I just pay per-slot?

A: Not any more. We provide three pricing tiers for SA-MP hosting, with one that should fit every serious server owner's budget. 


Q: I have an e-Sports team. Can we have a free server for a while?

A: No. We don't do that anymore, either.